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Record Job Progress For Better Marketing Down The Road

When it comes to finding good tradesmen to carry out a job such as rewiring a house, building an extension or converting the garage, there’s nothing better than a word of mouth recommendation.

Nothing except an online review, that is.

That’s right – modern consumers looking for a local service provider or business now trust an online review as much as they would a personal recommendation from a friend, neighbour, family member or co-worker.

In fact, more than eight out of ten consumers trust an online recommendation as much as a personal one.

While once upon a time your trades business could have relied on a positive comment from a previous client, your marketing efforts now need to be more sophisticated and available online for all to see if you want to continue to win jobs.

If your local competitors have already gone digital, now is the time to claw back some of that advantage.



You need a jobbing software that not only helps you streamline operations and quote on the go to win more business but one that has a marketing function built in.

Specifically, one that allows you to take before and after videos – to aid in your marketing efforts, help you win new reviews and as part of that process, delight your customers with before and after shots of their own space too.

Why Before And After Videos And Pictures?

We’ve all heard that annoying old saying that tells us a picture is worth a thousand words.

But did you know the video was the most shared content format on the planet?

It may not occur to you when you’re in the thick of a job and juggling a dozen different things on site but before and after pictures and videos can make a huge difference to your client relationships and ability to win new clients.

Not to mention, serve as a record of your job’s progress for you and your customer, helping to smooth your relationship and provide a visual record which streamlines operations.

SB - Better marketing Infographic

Better Time Management

Taking images of your job before and after you get started is a great way to help you manage your time on site more efficiently – and that means better profit margins and smarter use of resources.

The job management app ServiceM8, for example, helps you create digital customer records to abolish paper piles.

You can couple this with AI photo tagging and voice photo tagging – when you take an image, it will be stored with that client’s record for easy access but can also be tagged with useful details such as ‘motion detector hallway’ or ‘smoke alarm second-floor landing’.

This might not seem like much but, having those details available digitally to your entire team can help that job to run much more seamlessly, with less wasted time and uncertainty.

SB - record job progress Infographic

Better Client Communications

One of the things that job management software is designed to do is improve client communications – videos and images can form a key part of this by being used to keep clients abreast of job progress.

Keeping them in the loop is an important part of keeping them happy and that means better reviews and more referrals, not to mention the possibility of repeat business.

The latest State of Customer Service Experience report found that clients put good communication above all else so the ability to physically demonstrate progress by sharing images and videos and emailing them directly from your app is impossible to undersell.

Better Marketing

Few things are as powerful as genuine before and after images.

They demonstrate your ability, capability, quality, and expertise.

Being able to take videos and images directly from your job management app, attach it to a client record and then have an ordered, logical access to those images later means you can quickly and easily create compelling social media posts, blog posts, leaflets, and other assets to sell your services.

What’s more, because they can be tagged by AI and voice, you’ll also have an accurate record of what they show – no more racking your brain to remember which smoke detector it was, what property it was installed in and which before image matches that job.

SB - Record Job Progress - Inforgraphic

Get Paid Faster

You may not have thought of before and after images this way, but why not put them to work helping you to get paid faster?

When you take images from your job software app, they can be sent on to the client with a few clicks of your finger.

This not only highlights the professional standard of your job and shows the quality of your work, but it also serves as a subtle reminder that the job is done and payment is due.

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