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After four months with Software Buddy I like to think I’ve picked up a couple of things about ServiceM8 and why it’s such a great job management solution for any trade or service business in the UK. Then about four weeks ago, we decided to start using it as a basic CRM solution, which allowed us to save money on the tool we were using which incidentally was Zoho.

This has given me a much wider perspective on the benefits of ServiceM8, which I wanted to share with you now.

ServiceM8 Super Powers

Our business and so your business too, has the opportunity to put the time and effort into creating great communications, branded documents and business processes, in the knowledge that once you implement these into ServiceM8, the same high standards will be repeated by every user, for everything they do. This is because of the power of Templates!

And it’s not just about being able to quickly create a high quality quotation – but it does that too. It’s that the quote originated from a well thought out job template, with pre-defined checklists of exactly what is needed to deliver a high level of service. The costs are already populated with clear and concise descriptions, and that the quote is then sent to the customer using an email template, which, you guessed it, was carefully written to make sure your business represents itself in the best possible light every single time an email is sent. 

But it doesn’t stop there!

Pre-written, automated reminders ensure your quote is accepted more often, and when it is, a drag and drop is all that’s needed to schedule the job, with all the information from the job checklist ensuring your delivery staff have to action everything to complete the job. This ensures your business fulfils your promise of high levels of service each and every time. What’s more, if the job is completed as expected, it’s just a couple of clicks for your delivery staff and the job is complete, a high-quality invoice raised and sent to the customer using another pre-written email template. If there are any changes, who better to amend the invoice than the person who delivered it, so everything is there at their fingertips on the mobile device to complete the amendments and send the invoice. Absolutely amazing!

Time Saver

Once the initial setup is complete, admin staff no longer have to create jobs over and over. This saves on having to retype details each time, with 2 clicks of a template, the job is created. With a click, drag and drop it’s scheduled. Saving huge amounts of time!

Yet one of the biggest benefits of ServiceM8 for me has been the CRM functionality, specifically the Tasks. When used in conjunction with the job diary, inbox and job queues, the tasks turn ServiceM8 into a great CRM. I manage 150-200 tasks at any one time, emailing, texting and adding notes from within the job with templates, forms and knowledge add-ons all meaning I never miss an opportunity or follow-up.

On-site, on time, on message

As you’d expect, ServiceM8 really comes into its own when using the iPhone or iPad app.  Literally everything is available and designed specifically for the field. By far the best functionality is templates. It means you no longer have to think about what to write, you just choose the template for the task and all the effort into what to say and how to say it has been done. Including all those marketing messages to drive traffic to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and website pages, as well as asking for that all important feedback.

This all means you can enable the field staff team to do more of the work, but with less of the effort and all from their mobiles – which means no end of day returns to the office just to do paperwork.

If you have some thoughts on what parts of ServiceM8 you like best, it would be great to hear about them. Just add them to the comments below.

Sign up to an extended 30 day FREE trial with ServiceM8 to see how this job management system can work for you.

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