Who We Are

At Software Buddy we are here to help small businesses work smarter, not harder.

We do this by helping small to medium-sized businesses in the trades and service sectors to systematise their businesses through digitising.

Lisa Knaggs Hunter, the founder of Software Buddy has been setting up software in business for over 25 years.

Our Vision

To deliver ServiceM8 to the UK trades and services industry, such that every client increases profits and efficiencies by an average of 30%.

Our Mission

To take over 25 years of software implementation knowledge and use that to provide tailored support to every client regardless of size or experience, to enable them to implement ServiceM8.

We believe that every business regardless of size or budget, should be able to use the latest technology to enhance their business and increase profits. And in doing so, we ensure every client efficiently Completes More Work, Wins More Work and Gets Paid Faster, making Software Buddy the #1 UK provider of ServiceM8 by December 2021, with the best Customer Service record in the country.

Our Story

Software Buddy offers one on one Software consultancy services, specialising in trades and service businesses. Our digital transformation vision was to take Software Buddy from a client-facing business to an online e-learning service through creating a series of online courses. This would then mean that we would be able to reach a wider audience and help more business to grow and flourish.

The first course in the Software Buddy toolbox is a Free 3-part Training . It looks at what you need to prepare before starting a software trial. The second course on offer, Fast Track To ServiceM8 is designed to take you through the basic desktop set-up of ServiceM8 and is a walk-through guide on how you can position your ServiceM8 account for the greatest success during the trial period. Meaning that you can the most out of it in confidence, knowing that it is the right set up for you.

In addition to this, our ServiceM8 Savvy FaceBook group offers a platform for business owners to learn more about runningServiceM8 to its fullest potential as well as sharing tips and tricks when uses for ServiceM8. Software Buddy is becoming an authority on all things Job Management, compiling a database on various software solutions. This includes software solutions for businesses of various sizes and industries.

A proven track record

Hundreds of small businesses have benefited from Software Buddy’s help and you can too. In a world that is saturated with software solutions, Software Buddy focuses on what your business needs to offer a completely bespoke change management service.

Lisa Knaggs Hunter has spent 25 years helping small, medium and enterprise clients as a software consultant. Lisa now assists clients with software strategies, online training and one to

one consultancy to improve efficiency and profitability.

Today Lisa manages the Software Buddy Team sharing her knowledge helping business just like yours overcome the trials and tribulations of managing projects and clients. Lisa is also a partner in her husband’s small trades business Service Buddy, so she works with trades, staff and job queries every day.

You can connect with Lisa on LinkedIn.

“Software Buddy Consultancy works based upon a collaboration; it’s important that an agreement to work together is right for both parties. “

Lisa Knaggs Hunter, Software Buddy Founder