You Ask: Inventory Management

For many trades and service business who manage stock levels, inventory management is a vital part of their workflow. 

In this section of the Software Buddy You Ask hub we take a closer look at inventory management. Asking what it is, what the benefits are and recommend tools to use, such as Dear Inventory.  Click on the questions to expand.

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+ Inventory Management: The Basics

What is inventory management? 

Inventory management is part of the supply chain and

includes aspects ranging from controlling and overseeing purchases, from both customers and suppliers to managing inventory and placing orders.

What are the benefits of installing an inventory management system?

For a lot of companies, their inventory/stock is managed through an excel or google sheet, yet this can often be time-consuming and prone to human error. Using an inventory management system can increase productivity,

save time and give you clear visibility. Helping you to reduce costs, improve customer service and optimise completion rate.

+ Dear Inventory

What is Dear Inventory?

Dear Inventory is a cloud-based inventory management software for small and midsize retailers and wholesalers.

Who uses Dear Inventory?

Dear Inventory is perfect for start-ups and small to medium-sized businesses from any industry, who manage stock items from multiple locations. Or manufacturers who need to manage their inventory and track costs.

What are the benefits of using Dear Inventory?

Cloud based inventory management tools like Dear Inventory are a time-effective and cost-efficient addition to your business that can, not only improve customer satisfaction but also improve visibility throughout your business, ensure security with regular backups and conveniently update your inventory.

Can Dear Inventory be integrated with an accounting package?

Dear Inventory can be fully integrated with Xero and Quickbooks.

What software alternatives are there to using Dear Inventory?
How does Dear Inventory work?

The cloud-based inventory management of Dear Inventory tracks your orders and inventory in real-time for accurate and timely checks on stock levels, whilst also tracking your items at all purchase points.

“Installing a job management system makes it easy to work smarter, not harder. And gives you more visibility over how the business is run.”

Lisa Knaggs Hunter, Software Buddy Founder