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+ Who are Software Buddy and what do we do?

Who is Software Buddy?

Software Buddy specialises in software consultancy. We are based in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire. Our small team are experts in software solutions for trades and service businesses.

What software solutions does Software Buddy work with?

Software Buddy offers consultation on a range of software solutions.

Currently, we work with the job management system ServiceM8, accounting package Xero as well as the inventory management system Dear Inventory.

What sorts of consultancy services does Software Buddy offer?

At Software Buddy we are proud to offer a range of different consultancy services to suit your business needs. This includes:

Helping you to install software solutions, through a set of training sessions. Here we will work together to get your system up and running.

Alternatively, we can do the implementation process for you and give you and your staff training afterwards.

Or providing access to online courses that gives you the knowledge to set up the software yourself.

Once set up, Software Buddy can offer additional ongoing support for a monthly fee. For more information on the Software Buddy consultancy charges, check out our blog.

How does the consultation process at Software Buddy work?

The consultation process from Software Buddy includes an initial diagnostic call where we will assess your business requirements and needs.

This will help us all, as a team, to decide on the best software solution for you.

We will then arrange two half-day sessions where we can guide you through the implementation process as well as teach you how you can make the best use of the software that you have chosen to use.

In addition to these sessions, Software Buddy offers ongoing support as well as a follow-up session to help you solve any teething problems.

How long has Software Buddy worked with ServiceM8?

Software Buddy has been an active certified partner with ServiceM8, helping customers to set up and run their accounts effectively since 2015.

We ensure this highly tailorable system suits the way you work your business and integrate it with Xero Accounts, Sage Accounting and Quickbooks Online.

How long has Software Buddy worked with Xero?

Software Buddy has been an integration partner of Xero since 2015. This means we do not do any client bookkeeping but get involved with Xero clients when they want to integrate third-party add-ons such as ServiceM8, Dear Inventory and other daily operational software.

How long has Software Buddy worked with Dear Inventory?

Software Buddy has been an approved partner with Dear Inventory since 2016 and has seen this software become one of the leading cloud-based inventory management software solutions that suit many stock-holding businesses. It integrates with Xero and Quickbooks Online and solves many operational issues with warehouse management and stock control.

How can Software Buddy help you digitise your business?

At Software Buddy, we understand that setting up software solutions may not be part of your day job so while you have come to understand the benefits of digitising your business, setting it all up may seem a bit daunting. That’s where Software Buddy come in.

We can guide you through the implementation process as well as offering ongoing support.

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Does Software Buddy offer any online training?

Yes, at Software Buddy we are busy building a range of courses that make setting up software solutions for digitising your business quick and easy.

In our free 3-part video training we guide you through what you will need to prepare before setting up a software trial.

You can then continue onto our Fast Track to ServiceM8 course to learn how to set up ServiceM8 quickly and effectively so that you can get the most out of your free trial period so that you can really see it’s worth before you start paying for the software.

What to think about before taking a software trial?

A lot of people jump into taking a software trial before really thinking about what the software can do for them and how they can make the best use of their time. As a result of this, they can get frustrated with the software and sometimes abandon it altogether.

At Software Buddy we want to help you make the most of the trial period, by helping you prepare for the software trial.

Our 4P method looks at the 4 main areas of your business. Find out more by signing up to take our free training course.

How much do services from Software Buddy cost?

It depends on how we choose to work together and range from £95 a month to projects of several thousand.

For an in-depth look at the Software Buddy consultancy charges, read our blog.

Why should you book a 30 minute call with Software Buddy?

We offer a free 30 minute telephone consultation where you can discuss your needs and we can work out whether we have a common ground in solving your business pain points.

Book your 30 minute free consultation today.

Does Software Buddy have any case studies of businesses that they’e worked with?

Read about some of the businesses who benefitted from working with us on our Who We Help page or find out about some of the Software Buddy success stories on our blog.

Does Software Buddy have a forum?

We are in the process of building a dedicated forum for members of the Software Buddy course community to share their experiences with digital transformation as well as making it easy for them to contact use with any questions.

Alternatively you can join our ServiceM8 Savvy Facebook group.

“Change management is all about going from nowhere to somewhere. We’ll guide you on the path to digital transformation success.”

Lisa Knaggs Hunter, Software Buddy Founder