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Announcing The ServiceM8 Savvy Facebook Group

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Hi I’m Lisa from Software Buddy, where we’re all about job management systems – making it easier for you to work smarter, not harder.

Having been certified partners with ServiceM8 since 2015 we’ve helped hundreds of businesses to systemise their back office which has revolutionised the way they work.

Why we love ServiceM8

ServiceM8 is a job management system with a focus on mobile working that can boost profitability, productivity and save you tons of admin time!

If you’re looking for a system that can track jobs, staff, quotes and send a text with your eta to your client, and follow up with invoices all from your iPhone – you should check out ServiceM8.

Why I and the rest of the Software Buddy team use ServiceM8 (I don’t just train it!)

ServiceM8 isn’t just for tradespeople. It’s for anyone who needs to use a diary to book jobs and have that job connected to a timeline that will see the task through from start to finish. So whether you’re an electrician a VA or a mobile cleaner, ServiceM8 can improve business efficiency. These are the two stand out features which make us at Software Buddy use ServiceM8.

  1. It’s simple – the dashboard is super intuitive and easy to use. I’d say it’s basic but that makes it sound inferior, it’s not. It’s a carefully crafted system that lays out what you need in a logical and neat way.
  2. Its secret is based on how a job becomes an entity in a process. Now that makes it sound complex – but it’s not. Imagine your job as a dot in a dot-to-dot picture – and the connecting lines are ServiceM8. The connectors build a structure that ties the original enquiry, to a quote, to the next step of scheduling to the next step and so on.

We could talk about how much we love ServiceM8 for hours, but we thought we’d invite some of our friends to tell us how ServiceM8 has helped them in their business:

For Neil Conway (Artificial Grass Supplier) ServiceM8 has transformed the Artificial Supergrass business. See what he has to say in this short video:

E.S.C Solutions (Electronic Safety and Security Systems) have also massively benefitted from introducing ServiceM8 into their day to day running. In fact, Matthew Richardson says that ServiceM8 is so good that he couldn’t survive without it now.

Julie England of Light and Shade (Custom Blinds, Curtains & Soft Furnishings), ServiceM8 has been an invaluable asset to her business. It now means that she has access to all client information at any time. Watch Julie’s testimonial video:

Finally, for Chris Robinson of Embroidery In House (Embroiderer), implementing ServiceM8 has revolutionised their business!

What is ServiceM8 Savvy?

We are keen to share our knowledge plus top tips and tricks with ServiceM8 users which is why we started our initial Facebook group: Test Drive ServiceM8. 

We’ve created a space for people to learn about how to get the best out of using ServiceM8, as well as introducing those who haven’t used ServiceM8 before to the benefits of a job management system.   

Now we want to evolve our group further as Test Drive ServiceM8 becomes ServiceM8 Savvy!

This group is dedicated to developing a community of business owners who use ServiceM8, encouraging these users to work together and share ideas between us, so we all get the most out of the system.

Whilst still focusing on providing exclusive help and advice for our group members, the ServiceM8 Savvy Facebook group wants to hone in on creating content just for you!

We’re looking forward to creating live Q&A sessions, events, competitions and much more.

Sound interesting? Join the ServiceM8 Savvy Facebook group, everyone’s welcome.

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