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What Is The Cost of ServiceM8 – Is It Worthwhile For My Business?

Welcome to this series where we cover several FAQs about software consultancy and ServiceM8, plus a wide range of topics to help you better understand what options are available to you to improve job management, efficiency and profitability from your small trades and service-based business.

To get started we are going to discuss the pricing of the job management software; ServiceM8.

Like many software applications, they offer a free trial so for the first 14 days, ServiceM8 costs nothing, then there are four separate pricing tiers.

Because it is software as a service, meaning it’s cloud software, it is charged per month or per annum, but the monthly model works like this.

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What Is The Cost of ServiceM8  – The Four Tier Pricing Options

  • Starter plan is £25 per month and it’s charged per job with 50 jobs included. This is a great plan and ideal if you are getting started and you are looking to implement job management software
  • Growing plan is £59 per month and it’s charged per job with 150 jobs included and we find this plan is probably good enough for most people.
  • The premium plan is £119 per month and it’s charged per job with 500 jobs included. As each level increases, ServiceM8 has got more features and the premium plan brings in new features like margin billing, job costing and knowledge bases.
  • Premium Plus plan is £269 per month and it’s charged per job with 1500 jobs included, the features are the same as premium and the increase in plan cost is relevant to the increased number of jobs you can process each month.
What is the cost of ServiceM8

What Is The Cost of ServiceM8  – Considering The Best Plan

When considering the best plan, give thought to the number of jobs you are doing each month, versus the features you need to improve efficiency in your business.

Simply divide your number of average jobs per week and you can see per month and you’ll work out whether or not you need the Starter or the Growing plan to start with.

Give considerations to software costs as an investment to gain back time and improve customer service.

Often the cost can be a barrier that restricts people from taking advantage of technology, have you ever thought “software is expensive”?

As an example to balance your thought considerations the cost of ServiceM8 at the Starter plan works out at 0.50 pence per job, and at the Premium Plus its £0.18 pence per job and it becomes relevant that if you are doing 1500 jobs per month, then the sales you are making in context to the Premium plan’s monthly cost is negligible.

Think about what your revenue line is, the number of jobs and the average price as to what is being charged?

Another way to look at it where ServiceM8 then become a profit centre as a bonus to all its other feature is if you were to charge an extra pound per job to cover the overhead of the software, then that’s the way you’ve to look at it.

What Is The Cost of ServiceM8  – Are There Any Setup Fees?

Like all software, it requires some custom changes to meet your business branding, contact details and then the key aspect is to set it up so it mirrors your processes and delivers them with increased efficiency.

So after you have signed up to ServiceM8 online, the software is there and available for you so it is up to you to put your information into it.

The way it’s sold online is that it’s up to you to set it up.

Now a lot of people are uncomfortable with software set up because it’s just something that they don’t do regularly themselves or they skip the setup and then have problems using it, which is a big thing.

ServiceM8 is software which is both desktop and mobile IOS compatible and many people go straight to use their mobile iPad or the iPhone first and this is the key area that can cause significant trouble further down the line.

The background set up is key, with a little bit of thought and attention being required at the background level for the handheld to work well.

So there is no out-of-the-box or mandatory set up fee for ServiceM8, you don’t have to pay an on-boarding which is reassuring if you are comfortable is software set up.

If people are not familiar with set up and need help Software Buddy offer a range of online self-paced learning training courses or done for you options, and that’s the benefit of working with a software consultant partner who is familiar with both the trades and service businesses and who is accredited by ServiceM8 as a partner.

What Is The Cost of ServiceM8  – Features Overview & Optional Add Ons

With each different plan, there are extra features you can add to ServiceM8 to help customise the standard functions it already provides to improve efficiency in your business.

They may not be necessary for everyone and here is an overview and things to consider as to whether the extra features or the upgraded plans are right for you.

What Is The Cost of ServiceM8  – Add Ons – SMS Text Messages

If you imagine the Starter plan, you get the basic use of the programme and then a great standard feature that’s included on all plans and usage equal to the number of job allowances, is SMS text messages.

What Is The Cost of ServiceM8  – Add Ons – Forms

So as an example with the Growing plan you get your 150 jobs and you also get your 150 SMS text messages too but above and beyond that, you get the ability to use something called Forms.

Forms are a great feature in ServiceM8, it allows you to pre-build your own forms for either your team to fill out or your customers.

So, for example, a change request form.

An example would be that you’re on-site already, and a customer wants something additional, with forms you can simply say “Oh yeah, no problems thanks very much, just sign my change request form here.”

It is convenient, easy and logical and further it avoids disputes at a later point that all the construction and the small trades wishes to avoid.

Customers can often not understand what’s involved in extras, the dreaded comment of “Oh, while you’re here, can you just do this?”

Or, “While you’re here can you just do that?”

As a trades/service provider without a clear audit trail of extras, you can start to panic because you’re thinking, “Oh I spent another day here” and then it’s difficult and there’s a lot of ‘he said, she said’ comes into this when the bill starts to rise.

If the customer wants that extra piece of work doing, they could literally sign off and then that’s going to get charged and billed accordingly and that’s where the Growing plan comes in.

So that separates Starter from Growing really.

What Is The Cost of ServiceM8  – Add Ons – Costings

Then we have the Professional level which includes everything that the Starter and Growing plan includes plus you get with this is the ability to do costings.

So now we’re not just looking at the quoting and selling to the customer and our service to the customer, we’re now looking also about our own costings of the job.

So that’s what the Professional version helps you do, it helps you cost the job up and just know your costs better, so you can manage your profits, your materials purchased and everything.

What Is The Cost of ServiceM8  – Add Ons – Assets

The Professional plan also allows you get asset management, which is a new feature for 2019 and it’s where you can label up the assets onsite and you’d just use your smartphones and it uses AR, augmented reality, to give you all the detail back on the assets itself.

If your customers move the assets, and you’re not sure which one you’re looking at, you just zap them and it also helps you find them, which is not a bad thing.

What Is The Cost of ServiceM8  – Add Ons – Scalable Features & Flexibility

The key aspect is to match what you need to improve what you are doing and then build from there, consider the amount that you’re being asked to pay for ServiceM8 as you go through is not just for the capacity, but all of these extra features that no doubt, if you’re doing a thousand, 1,500 jobs a month or whatever, you’re going to need a lot of these features.

Even if you are just starting out, you can be confident that ServiceM8 can cater for your growth it and maybe some of the entry-level trades just don’t need those features today, but in the future it saves you changing platforms.

What Is The Cost of ServiceM8  – Fair Use

As we know ServiceM8 doesn’t charge by the number of users, and only by jobs and operates a fair use policy.

The unlimited term as far as users realistically means that it’s reflective of the size of your business.

The obvious point is that if you’re on the £25 a month plan that has 50 jobs inclusive and that’s big enough for you, you probably wouldn’t have a hundred people in your business anyway.

What Is The Cost of ServiceM8  – No Additional Transaction Charges

With the quote function in ServiceM8, people should not be concerned about what we call automated, or transactional platforms, where they take a percentage of the job.

Regardless of your trade or service provider solution, if you have a job that has an invoice value of £10,000, ServiceM8 will not take a percentage of this.

That is not the ServiceM8 model.

ServiceM8s model is, what the plan level is per number of jobs that you do and like we said, the Starter is up to 50 and then the Growing is 150 and then the levels rise accordingly.

It’s not dependent upon the number of people in the business, it’s not dependent upon the number of customers in the business, it’s how many jobs you run.

So you can be assured that if you do a £10,000 job and you quote for that and it gets accepted, ServiceM8’s not currently going to take a fee out of your work?

What is the cost of ServiceM8

What Is The Cost of ServiceM8  – Contracts

Another fear that I think a lot of people have is, “Oh am I signed into a contract? If I wanted to get out of that, would there be a penalty to exit early?”

The great news with ServiceM8 is that It’s a cancel-any-time contract and you can download all your information, so you’re not restricted to what you can drawback out of it.  

So it is worked upon being as friendly as it can be.

What Is The Cost of ServiceM8  – Data Exports

The idea is if you like it enough that you don’t want to cancel your contract or take away your data, however, it is completely there if you need to.

There’s also a full backup facility in ServiceM8 regardless, for your own peace of mind.

ServiceM8 backs up to a zip file, you can save that backup yourself, but just to reassure everyone, it is automatically backed up regardless.

Every version change is all there for you, they can bring it back to the beginning of time if necessary.

It’s all held on the Amazon AWS which is a global leader in server hosting and technology.

What Is The Cost of ServiceM8  – GDPR

Security comes as standard, GDPR compliant so it is a very robust system.

What Is The Cost of ServiceM8  – Getting Started

If you have any questions, leave us a comment below, or use #SoftwareBuddy on our preferred channel of Twitter and we’ll get those questions answered for you.

Check out our other blogs in this series where we’ll be talking more about pricing at Software Buddy and pricing, problems and concerns that you have in the building trades and service businesses.

Or why not set up your free trial today, or if you’re not ready you can contact our team for a no obligation 30-minute consultation to see how ServiceM8 can improve your efficiency and bottom line.

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