How much does ServiceM8 cost

How much does ServiceM8 cost?

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Like many software applications, ServiceM8 offer a free trial. For the first 14 days you can try ServiceM8 for free and you don’t even need to register your credit card. After the 14 days are over, ServiceM8 will prompt you to enter your card details to carry on using their incredible job management system. Don’t worry though – if you haven’t had long enough to try it out, we can extend the length of your free trial for you to 30 days. After this, you have 5 pricing plans to choose from.

ServiceM8 is cloud-based software, the price plans are charged per month or per annum, but the monthly model works like this:

Pricing options

ServiceM8’s pricing is based on the number of jobs that your business does over a monthly period so within each plan there is a cap for how many jobs you can do.

  • The first price option is Lite, at only £8 a month, it’s great for testing how ServiceM8’s job management fits in with the day to day running of your business. It includes up to 15 jobs a month and has limited use of the add-ons.
  • Next is the Starter. This includes 50 monthly jobs for £25 per month. It’s a great plan for new start-ups, sole traders or if you are looking to implement job management software.
  • Then, there’s Growing. For £59 per month, this plan includes 150 jobs. This is the most popular plan among Software Buddy customers.
  • Next is Premium. This covers 500 jobs for £119 per month. Ideal for medium to large-sized trades or services businesses. As each level increases, ServiceM8 has got more features and the Premium plan brings in new features like margin billing, job costing and knowledge bases.
  • The Premium Plus plan is £269 per month and includes 1500 jobs. The features are the same as the Premium plan and the increase in plan cost is relevant to the increased number of jobs you can process each month.

How much does ServiceM8 cost

Considering the best plan

When considering the best ServiceM8 price plan for your business, think about the number of jobs you are doing each month, versus the features you need to improve efficiency in your business.

Simply divide your number of average jobs per week and you quickly see whether the Lite, Starter or the Growing plan would be a better starting point.

Think about your software costs as an investment. A lot of the time the cost of software can be a barrier that stops people from taking the plunge with a new system. Yet ServiceM8 will not only save you time but also improve customer service.

Think about it this way. If you subscribe to ServiceM8’s Starter plan, a single job costs only 50p. Whilst for the Premium Plus a single job costs 18p.

If your business on the Premium Plus plan is doing 1500 jobs a month, then the sales you are making in context to the Premium plan’s monthly cost is negligible.

Think about what your revenue line is, the number of jobs and the average price as to what is being charged.

Are there any setup fees?

Like all software, ServiceM8 requires some custom changes, such as incorporating your business branding and uploading contact details. A key aspect for your ServiceM8 setup is to tailor your account to mirror your business so that it can deliver them with increased efficiency.

Once you have signed up to ServiceM8, it’s up to you to do the set up (we can help of course) and enter your information.


Another fear that a lot of people have is, “Oh am I signed into a contract? If I wanted to get out of that, would there be a penalty to exit early?”

The great news with ServiceM8 is that it’s a ‘cancel-any-time contract’ and you can download all your information, so you’re not restricted to what you can drawback out of it.

Data exports

The idea is that you’ll like ServiceM8 enough that you won’t want to cancel your contract, or take away your data. However, you are able to do this if you want to at any time.

There’s also a full backup facility in ServiceM8 for your own peace of mind.

ServiceM8 backs up to a zip file, which you can save yourself, but to reassure everyone, it is automatically backed up regardless.

Every version change is captured and you can bring it back to the very start of your ServiceM8 usage if needed.

It’s all held on the Amazon AWS which is a global leader in server hosting and technology.


Security comes as standard, GDPR compliant so it is a very robust system.

Getting started

If you have any questions, leave us a comment below or visit our You Ask Hub where we answer many frequently asked questions.

Check out our other blogs where we’ll be talking about ServiceM8 add-ons as well as problems and concerns that you may have in the building trades and service businesses.

Set up your free trial with ServiceM8 today. Or, if you’re not ready you can contact our team for a no obligation 30-minute consultation to see how ServiceM8 can improve your efficiency and bottom line.

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