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Investing time and money in a new digital system can seem daunting but, if you choose a trades job management tool after first reviewing your processes, people, pricing and product, you’re almost guaranteed to open up a whole host of benefits – a lot of these have little to do with the specific features of your software of choice. Including a decent ROI, better workflows, more efficient job management, more successful quoting on the go and even quicker payments by being able to offer your customers an easy way to pay by card.
Get rid of the mountains of scrap paper from your pockets/van/desk. The right digital job management tool can bring you the benefit of connectivity beyond the job management app itself. Designed to improve your working day; helping you stay on schedule and stay in touch with your customers.
When you choose the right job management system for your business you will get better business controls, synergy between accounts, marketing and jobs. Continue reading to greater control over your business processes.

Better Accounting
We’ve already seen that late payments cost small business owners 1.2 wasted days per month, as well as taking a toll on cash flow, staff payments and their own wellbeing. But you can diminish or even totally remove these stresses by installing a job management app that connects to your accounts function.
Accurate, digital client records mean you can easily see who is in arrears on payments while mobile credit card processing means you can take credit card payments on site directly from your jobbing software app.

Connect To Your Website
What if, you could automate your quote process by having professional looking forms on your website which took customer answers and then gave them a price? A professional, trades-specific job management system gives you the ability to do just that. What’s more, it can integrate with staff schedules to give customers not just a price, but a choice of when they’d like the work to take place. This means that you can run a 24/7 booking system, which can take orders and even process deposits, while you’re working elsewhere, in the pub or even sleeping.

Better Marketing
Taking before and after images and videos to record job progress is a really great way to cement customer relationships and can be used for doing your marketing too. Without having the right tagging and naming structure for these images, it’s hard to know which photo came from what which job. ServiceM8 uses AI and voice technology so you can label images and tag them in real-time. Taking before and after images and videos to record job progress is an often overlooked task – overlooked because knowing what photo came from which job after the event can seem like Mission Impossible.  ServiceM8 uses AI and voice technology so you can label images and tag them in real-time – these can be used to cement client relationships or for marketing purposes.

Give Staff Up-To-Date Job Intelligence
Even offline, your workforce can access valuable customer and job information, as well as update project notes for later syncing themselves. By controlling the sharing and update of information, you not only present a much more professional image to the client, you ensure that your staff is always armed with the insight, equipment and materials that they need to do the job.

Better Job Scheduling
Managing your workforce with paper and phone alone can seem next to impossible and often means that resources may not be organised or used in the best way. This can have a knock-on effect on your cash flow and productivity. A job management app gives you back control and ensures more accurate and precise processes are followed. Managing your team is super easy with drag and drop scheduling. Alerts of any changes to the schedule save wasted time and make the best use of resources. Allocation windows allow for flexible job booking while SMS booking links mean clients can choose from available times that suit them best- with your staff’s schedules then updated.

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