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Turn Up Your Time Management For More Profit With Better Job Management

Have you ever been guilty of losing sight of your next site visit, forgetting an appointment entirely until it was far too late or not arriving on time to a job?

One of the biggest stereotypes of tradespeople like plumbers, joiners and electricians is that they always turn up late. As well as not finishing jobs on time, regularly stopping for a tea break or smoke and are messy.

A survey of 1700 tradespeople carried out in 2017 found that these stereotypes were not only hugely out of date but also massively unfair:

  • 51% of tradespeople say they never turn up to jobs late
  • Just 16.6% of tradespeople say they’ll take a break to have a smoke during the day

Stereotypes are hard to break. The same research also found that:

  • 11% of customers say tradespeople are lazy and leave a mess and shockingly,
  • 31.21% felt that tradespeople rip off their customers given the chance

Of course, these views are outdated and unfair – not to mention inaccurate – but, it does show how important good time management is. Not just for winning over customers and creating a positive, professional impression, but for more efficient job management too.

SB - Turn Up Your Time Management Infographic

Why Use A Job Management App To Manage Your Day?

Picture the scene: you’re on-site at a job, your phone is ringing, you’re behind schedule, you’ve run into a problem your electrician’s called in sick, you need to go to the builder’s merchants and your diary is under a pile of paper in the van.

Typical Wednesday, right?

In some areas, such as tax, going digital is forced on you. Often making it hard to fully embrace its benefits and time-saving potential. Yet, when you take the time to select a trades job management tool that is a great fit, upgrading to a digital system can hugely rewarding.

Advantages of job management software include:

SB - More Profit with Better Job Management Infographic

But one of the biggest benefits to you and your business is that it can help you to manage your time more effectively. It does this by giving you an overview of your full schedule for the month.

This means you can confidently book in other jobs and maximise your working hours.

You can also use it to see your current day’s bookings and tasks, so nothing gets missed.

It can show you when you next need to be on the move, so you don’t spend longer than needed at one job and allow the next project to fall behind.

If the worst does happen and you’re running late or stuck in traffic, your job management app can even tell your customer that you’re delayed, via an automated SMS message,

Then, once you’re back on track, send an update saying you’re on the move.

Your job management software helps you to stay on schedule by adjusting to your day. As well as updating customers when things go awry.

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