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Scale Your Trades Business With Job Management Software – Software Buddy

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Scale Your Trades Business With Job Management Software – Software Buddy

The need for job management software is absolutely essential if you are to scale and grow profitably.

If you’ve ever worked as part of a trades business, you’ll understand just how important it is to stick to a job schedule –  especially if you’re part of a business that is looking to grow.

When you’re just starting out in a trades business, it’s normal to be focusing on just one or two clients at a time.

Recognising Expansion Challenges

But as your business expands, you need to be able to manage jobs concurrently, running essential tasks alongside each other and ensuring that all projects have the required number of staff to make progress.

When you have multiple jobs running alongside each other, it’s important to have access to software which can keep you and your team on track.

Otherwise, you’ll have no idea how much extra work you can take on before you and your employees become overextended.

You’ll also need to keep track of where everyone is supposed to be, and when.

Trades business by their very nature involve a lot of remote work, and without a centralised way to monitor all employees and communicate effectively with them, things can easily get complicated and confusing.

Straightforward Technology Solutions For Trades

Of course, the technology that’s now available to businesses means it’s possible to schedule and manage jobs with ease.

But what sort of features should you be looking for in scheduling software? And how will they help your business to grow?

Let’s take a look.

job management software

Comprehensive Scheduling Tools

First things first, your growing trades business needs a totally comprehensive scheduling tool.

Forget the paper diaries and whiteboards of old – you need a digital tool that will allow you to develop complex schedules and share it with large groups of people instantly.

Your scheduling tool should have a clean, user-friendly interface.

That way you, as a manager, will be able to see exactly what’s going on across your business with just a single glance.

A simple layout also means that your employees can see where they’re supposed to be, and when they have to be there.

Mobile-Friendly Scheduling

In this modern age, it’s important that you have a scheduling tool which can be accessed on all devices, at any time.

There’s no point in devoting time and effort to putting schedules together if your employees can only view them when they’re in the office, or when they’re using their own personal computer.

Mobile management on site or en-route is crucial.

If a client reschedules an appointment or consultation and you need to reassign staff, you need to be able to transmit this change of plans to your team instantly, rather than waiting for them to come into the office.

Having a scheduling tool which syncs with the cloud and can be accessed on a mobile device gives all your staff instant access to their personal schedules, including any last-minute changes that may have popped up.

Instant alerts are also vital to the communication process – they ensure that every employee has received any urgent messages loud and clear, rather than emails or phone calls, which can be missed.

Tracking And Dispatch Tools

Many trades businesses get a lot of their custom from emergency call-outs.

Whether it’s a boiler breakdown, a sudden leak or damage to a roof that needs to be repaired quickly, these jobs often pay well and demand a prompt response.

To respond to these calls appropriately, your business needs software that allows employee tracking and instant dispatch.

You need the ability to see where your staff members are at any point during the working day, so you can make an informed decision about who should attend this emergency call.

It’s not efficient to simply call around your staff members to see who’s nearest, and mass emails might not be seen by employees that are in the middle of a client call or project.

The most effective way is to send an instant alert to the employee closest to the client address, containing all the job information they need to be on their way immediately.

Job Reminders

As a tradesperson, you know how it is – you arrive at a client location and start the job at hand.

Unfortunately, the task takes longer than you originally planned, and you lose track of time trying to make sure your current client is satisfied with the job.

But there’s another client call looming, and you need to set off soon if you’re to make it to your next job at the arranged time…

This is a common problem for many employees in the trades business.

But it can be easily solved with simple job reminders.

These alerts pop up when it’s time for an employee to be moving onto their next job – they can even calculate travel time so you won’t get caught out by a long journey or heavy traffic.

These alerts ensure employees are always on the ball, and ready for their next appointment.

In turn, you’ll make sure that all clients are dealt with fairly, and all clients receive the time that they’re paying for.

Job Management Software

Checklists and Tasks

Any good piece of scheduling software will offer you the ability to build checklists and tasks for all employees.

Not only does this help with workflow systemisation, but it’s also an incredibly efficient way to ensure that the job is done right the first time, every time.

If the checklists are synced with the cloud, management will be able to review them in real-time, to monitor what staff are up to and ensure they’re always on-task.

This increases accountability, which is vital in every trades business that is looking to grow and expand.

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