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The Importance of High Levels of Business Communication – Software Buddy

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The Importance of High Levels of Business Communication – Software Buddy

Updated: June 2020

High levels of Business Communication plays a key role in every area of our lives.

Whether we are employees working in a team, or serving customers, communication is key to happier employees and customers.

When running a business, good communication is the glue that holds everything together.

You can have all the right elements including:

But communication is the thing that links all of these elements together.

What’s the point in having a team of fantastically skilled employees if you can’t communicate a client’s wishes to them?

Are Your Clients Suffering From The Illusion Of Communication?

You may have a really great business strategy however you will need to be able to put that strategy across to really reap the benefits.

It was George Bernard Shaw who once said:

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

He’s right and this can be dangerous in the workplace.

Illusions of communication or poor communication levels can cause a multitude of problems.

It can lead to unmotivated staff, disappointed clients, a sliding reputation, and worst of all, decreasing profits.

Let’s take a closer look at why effective communication should be a top priority for your trades business and how you can build it into every level of your company.

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How Communication Builds Better Teams

There’s no doubt about it – communication builds better teams.

To be able to work effectively as a group you will need to keep in touch with other team members.

When there are high communication levels in business, it means that everyone’s moving in the right direction.

Everyone understands what their roles are and knows how their roles fit in with other team members’.

Additionally, they are also all aware of the latest news and updates, so you’re all singing from the same hymn sheet, rather than going off old information.

Clear communication helps your team to become cohesive and more effective. You’re all working towards a common goal, rather than acting as a group of individuals with similar tasks.

How Communication Boosts Morale

Did you know that good communication can actually boost morale among your team members?

All employees like to feel like their supervisors or managers are being open and honest with them – and when morale is up, it leads to plenty of other positives, including:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved employee retention
  • A healthy work environment
  • Engaged staff

The benefits are clear: better communication leads to happier employees, which in turn, leads to a more productive organisation on the whole.

How Communication Enhances Your Organisation & Saves Time

Imaging the scene; the company you are working for does not prioritise communication.

The manager sends you a text message telling you about an emergency call-out that requires immediate attendance. However, when you arrive at the job site you find that two other team members have also shown up. Meaning that there are now three people on the site for a job that only requires one person.

Poor communication between the management and team has led to two employees showing up for the job unnecessarily. Resulting in time wasted, confusion and, from the customer’s point of view, looks very unprofessional and unorganised.

This problem could easily have been avoided through a group workstream, or a real-time communication system that keeps all employees linked, systemising workflows and job management.

How Communication Boosts Customer Satisfaction

One of the main goals when running a trades business should be keeping customers and clients happy.

If your customer or client’s have to chase you for replies to their correspondence, or if you’re not keeping them in the loop with progress on their project, they can quickly become very unhappy with your service.

Even worse, they may share their dissatisfaction of your customer service with others.

It’s important to build strong working relationships with your clients.

That’s how you get repeat custom, word-of-mouth referrals and a good reputation. However, you can’t expect to keep your customers happy if you’re not communicating with them regularly.

These days, it’s not enough to simply say that you missed a call because you were out of the office, or you couldn’t reply to an email because you were in the field.

It’s vital to utilise the various different methods of communication in order to keep clients onside and ensure they can reach you whenever they need to.

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How to Improve Communication In Your Business

In this blog we’ve looked at some of the benefits of great communication. So now let’s turn our attention to how you can improve communication throughout your trades business:

  • Set clear expectations about communication for all staff.

All of your employees should know exactly what is expected of them in terms of communication. They must understand when to provide updates, how to use the communication software available, and who is responsible for communicating with customers or clients. Build communication into your team training so everyone knows what is expected of them.

  • Choose the types of communication you use carefully.

There are certain messages which are better sent by SMS. Others are better-delivered face-to-face. It’s up to you to choose the tools that are most appropriate.

  • Listen

Communication is not always about who makes the most noise. The most effective communicators are the ones who realise that it’s a two-way process – if someone’s talking, someone else must be listening.

  • Make it a habit.

If you’re using a new tool to boost communication with your team and your clients, consider creating a schedule for the first few weeks.

  • Hold conference calls with teams to check on their progress.
  • Establish a time when you can check-in with each of your employees to ensure there are no issues.

As your team becomes more accustomed to the software, you can relax the strict scheduling, but encourage your staff to keep up the habit.

  • Make the most of technology.

The advanced tech we have at our fingertips today can make communication a breeze – if you set it up properly and embrace it. From group chats and activity feeds to video calling and automated messages, technology can help make great communication feel like second nature to your whole business.

Are you looking for ways to improve communication at every level of your business?

Contact Software Buddy today – we offer full training on the technology you need to boost morale and build better teams.

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