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The SME Owner’s Straightforward Roadmap To Deciding On Digital Systems For Sales and Marketing – Software Buddy

Introduction to Sales & Marketing Digital Systems If there’s two areas of a business that can seriously benefit from sales and marketing digital alignment, this is it.   It seems obvious, but it’s something many small businesses fail to do.  This means you could well be missing out on crucial knowledge – such as how marketing…

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Deciding On Digital Finance and Operations Systems: A Step-By-Step Guide – Software Buddy

Introduction to Digital Finance & Operations Sytems Before purchasing digital finance and operations systems think about your own unique way of working – most likely you will have bolted on tools and software systems on an as-needed basis, rather than undertaking a full systems analysis. Even if your systems currently are limited to sending invoices and…

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The SME’s No-Nonsense Guide to Choosing New Digital Systems for Sales and Marketing – Software Buddy

Introduction to Digital Sales & Marketing Systems Digital Sales and marketing lends itself particularly well to digital transformation. Gone are the days when marketing meant printing a leaflet or sales was a byword for telesales. In an article for SME Web, the Digital Marketing professor Margherita Pagani shared details of a research project examining the impact…

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Exploring Your Options When It Comes To Choosing (Helpful!) Digital Systems for Finance and Operations – Software Buddy

Introduction to Helpful Digital Systems Digital systems for the finance and operations side of your business is undoubtedly the bit that causes you the most sleepless nights. This is the very core of your business so it’s the area where most care needs to be taken when you’re choosing new systems or considering new processes.…

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What is Digital Transformation & How To Prepare Your SME For Digital Tax – Software Buddy

What is Digital Transformation & How To Prepare Your SME For Digital Tax What is digital transformation? We’ve said it all along. Resistance is futile. Like it or not, the requirements of the government’s Making Tax Digital (MTD) tax reform will kick in next April. If your business is over the £85,000 VAT threshold, or if you…

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Decoding How Digital Systems For Sales and Marketing Can Drive Efficiency – Software Buddy

Digital Systems Thinking about a digital transformation strategy for your small business can’t exist without sales and marketing. You knew that already. But did you know that digital transformation can actually help you generate more leads, nurture more leads and close more sales? Probably. Did you know that it doesn’t have to be hugely complicated?…

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