How To Start Systemising Your Trades Business Training

How To Start Systemising Your Trades Business Workshop with Lisa Knaggs Hunter and Becky Stevenson

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Join the first How To Systemising Your Trades Business workshop hosted by Lisa Knaggs Hunter and Becky Stevenson.

When: Thursday 5th September 9.30am -12.00pm in Sheffield or 1.00pm – 4.00pm in Cleckheaton

Where: Titan Business Centre Cleckheaton or The Burton Street Foundation Sheffield

About the workshop:

Are you running your business from paper-based job sheets? Is all the information is on excel spreadsheets?

Do you want to be able to input data once rather than multiple times into lots of different places?

Do you want to run your business from your phone and we don’t just mean contacts and emails….

If you are a business owner who wants to learn more about setting up systems and processes in their business to make use of the efficiencies now. Then the How To Start Systemising Your Trades Business workshop is the perfect place to start.

Come join us in this informal workshop where we will look at what steps you need to take to begin systemising your trades or service business. We cover software that helps how to organise workflow as well as showing you how systemising can improve customer communication by 100%.

The workshop takes place in either Sheffield or Cleckheaton; ideal for business owners from across Yorkshire.

About your hosts:

Lisa Knaggs Hunter:

Software Buddy You Ask

Lisa Knaggs Hunter, the founder of Software Buddy has been working in the software space for over 20 years. Helping small to medium-sized businesses in the trades and service sector to digitise their businesses with the help of a job management system. As a ServiceM8 evangelist and certified partner, Lisa has seen first hand the massive benefits other companies have seen from going digital and using a job management system and is keen to spread the word about how job management system, like ServiceM8 can help you to work smarter, not harder.

Becky Stevenson:

Becky Stevenson

Business improvement consultant; Becky Stevenson wants to help you improve your business through developing your skills in process mapping, project management and boosting your efficiency. With a proven record of delivering a series of workshops for businesses, Software Buddy is looking forward to working with Becky on this workshop.

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If you are unable to attend this time then why not sign up for the Software Buddy Free Training course or look out on our Eventbrite page for more upcoming workshops and events.