Software Consulting Services

Software consulting tailored and delivered both at your place of work and remotely, focussed on designing and implementing a software strategy to assist management teams to create a solution that connects the dots between the business and their cloud-based software solutions.

Suitable for established businesses that require a new cloud-based software strategy to accommodate expansion, new systems or
better organise their existing systems to maximise efficiency and bottom line profitability.

Project & Retainer Based Solutions

Software architecture is embedded into every level of business operations.

It requires specialist expertise to ensure the correct software is chosen, designed for your business needs, integrated with your existing systems, and your team are trained to maximise efficiency ensuring a positive return on investment is achieved.

Software Buddy Consulting Services caters for every stage from software analysis through to post-implementation training.

From initial project consulting, pre or post-purchase through to ongoing implementation, team training and through ongoing support based retainers, Software Buddy provides an end to end solution providing an expert and objective input that is results focussed, including working with your management team through supplier shortlisting.