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Software Buddy helps you discover a way to get your people, paperwork, pricing and practices working for you.

Join a growing band of happy loyal customers and reliable staff who stick with you, rain or shine.

It all starts with firm foundations

You know why you’re in business and what you want it to give you

Customers Expect More These Days

People want a job done well, on time at a good price with service to match.

Being organised and efficient will lead to the right reputation – leading to more customers. But where to begin?

Designed for tradesmen and women:

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Understanding your business better and know your next step to playing bigger



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Software Buddy Delivers Results Through Partnership

Let’s work together to make your business engine run better.

It’s YOUR Name on the Side of the Van

A great reputation is hard won but easily lost.

You know that making mistakes is costly and creates you more hassle and headaches.

Or you can find a way to manage the business better, be the total professional and get the best from your people (so jobs get done right – even when you’re on holiday).

When your business looks the part and delivers, it gets noticed.

The Right Approach, The Right Results, The Real Deal

Hi, I'm Lisa Knaggs Hunter

Just Between Us…


I too know what it’s like to commit to working past midnight and get up at the crack of the dawn just to keep my head above water running a business.

But in the trades it should be about thriving, not surviving


When I got off the hamster wheel and got in the driving seat, it all started to fall into place. Let me show you how.

Say goodbye to all the problems, irritating delays, slapdash paperwork, unreliable staff, potluck pricing and nagging customers.


Say hello to more time for you and your family, more rewards and more profits.

With the right approach, the success you want is closer than you think.

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